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domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

Absurd - Raubritter/Grimmige Volksmusik [Compilation] (2007)

And yes, i'm back for a long time, and i bring to you one of my newest adquisition, this compilation of two releases (EP's) "Raubritter" (2004) and "Grimmige Volksmusik" (2005), and for those who have not listened to it yet, i would recommend it. It's amazing how they changed their style in this releases, adding a rockish style to the songs, i would say very RAC influenced, and i don't know if that's good or not, personally i just relate the RAC with some neo-nazi scum, and that's because is the truth and the 99.99999999% of the RAC is produced by the neo-nazi cocksuckers, oh, don't misunderstand me, the people need to learn how to diferentiate the Neo-nazi white supremacist motherfuckers with the real and the deep philosophy envolved with the term "National Socialism", and also, what i'm about to say maybe will make some people angry, mostly the ignorant!, but i don't care, Absurd itself as a band, isn't Nazi, not nazi, a LOT of nationalism and love for their country, a LOT of antichristianism, but i don't find the concrete proof in it, think whatever you want to think, but think by yourselves DAMN IT!, just because the Black Metal scene is full of Skinheads dickheads and some of white supremacist David Lane's cocksuckers, and they all say that Absurd is the naziest band ever and that stupid shit, doesn't mean that they're nazi, at all, well yes, Hendrik Möbus is NS, and that doesn't bothers me. At all,  but again, that doesn't mean that Absurd is a nazi band, SHIT!, and to end this text, i would like you to red this interview with absurd "Here".  you can notice that the themes of the tracks, is hardly related to NS but related to Honour and antichristianity, and pagan beliefs...

Band: Absurd
Disc: Raubritter/Grimmige Volksmusik
Year: 2007
Country: Germany
Genre: Black Metal (NSBM if you want... i can't fight with you sheeps, you outnumber me.)

Download it here folks...

2 comentarios:

  1. thank you for this compilation of this german black metal. Absurd althought I'm not political or I'm related with same issues in fact I read many books of philosophy and literature, even science, art and other stuff I like this band. Yes I agree with you this release its black metal structure is linked with RAC. according Absurd it doesn't consider a NS black metal band even in the beginning had something to do with ns ideologies (obviously in germany to have NS ideologies is a considered an illegal act that is due to pay a fine and imprisonment) thanks for this release

  2. You're right! i hate that all people relate absurd with NS, this band is awesome and is beyond NS, neonazi bullshit is just product of ignorance...