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domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

Marc Broude - Psychological Warfare (2006)

I don't usually listen to bands that use the name of the principal musician, i don't know why, it gives me a bad impression, but this guy wrote me to put this release on the blog, and i just listened to it, and i was very pleased actually, the first word i've to say is "Industrial" and then "Noise" and the next word i can picture is "Greatness" just because is those labels are good, but well let's start with the first song of this EP, yes, it only counts with 2 tracks of Industrial psychological warfare blasting right in your hears, the first track called "Psychological Warfare" is very VERY industrial, this is the definition, this actually doesn't have any sign of Black Metal in it, just industrial, the reason why i post this is because it worth it, it's pure noise/industrial destructive riffs and good (reminds me some bands like N.K.V.D or Atomtrakt), very good mixed, the noise deserves a good place between Black Metal fans, like many other genres far from Black Metal, this must be the evolution, the culture war (culture, knowledge).

The second track, good as well, the same riff over and over without being annoying (just if you love repetitive mindblowing hypnotizing martial noise industrial music, like me. Otherwise, you'll hate it) that's all, industrial computarized noises, a destructive voice, common in this genre, that's all, you can join, or you can perish, the choice is yours.

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