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miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

Why Anti Human?

Why anti human? is a frequent question in my almost inexistent social circle, why is this hatred for the humanity?, why, if you are a human? and i tell to them, every person that hate so much the mankind, must be called, anti human, dont think so? its obvious, i hate them, as well i hate me. Because, i'm a human at least, but i don't feel human, y can't feel like a human. I refuse to be called a human, dont you understand?, every soul that understand this, can't be called human, we are another race, another specie, another world i see, i have another feelings, nothing... because my fucking world is black. And because that i simply hate all mankind. Hail. I'm not true, I'm not a "true black metalhead" or something like that shit, and if you feel like you are so "true" for this blog, then fuck off, and die... Go away from here.. But if you have this same feelings that i have, then welcome, download, and enjoy suffering.

2 comentarios:

  1. Darkthrone's members too are human !!! we hate them !!! no i'm jokin'..
    good luck for your blog, and i'm waiting for more posts !
    Hail from the woods,