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jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

Acid King - III (2005)

Suddenly i have this strange feeling and need to post some sludge stoner releases, don't know why, THC maybe, who knows, what i know is that this is a fucking awesome band, with an awesome singer, hypnotizing, slow, painful and very very distorted, i don't know but i always relate sludge, funeral doom, and stoner with hot days, sunny but cloudy, fucking awesome, isn't it? i'm just gonna say that this worth it a lot if you like sludge doom without growls, but a beautiful women singing endless songs into the blurry deep space, just lay down, do drugs, and trip fuck... TRIP!

Band: Acid King
Disc: III
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Genre: Sludge/Stoner Metal

martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

Stabat - Corpos do Silenco Disforme em Conjuração e Consumação de Tortura (2011)

The fourth demo of this duo band from brazil, if you've listened to the other demos of this band, and you like underground atmospheric black metal, raw, and very hateful, is how i would describe this work, which is not bad at all i would say, in fact, is too short to me, but well, i really recommend this release to those who like this subgenre, like the old releases of Burzum, or Aäkon Këëtrëh....

Band: Stabat
Disc:  Corpos do Silenco Disforme em Conjuração e Consumação de Tortura
Year: 2011
Country: Brazil
Genre: Black Metal/Atmospheric

domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

Goatmoon - Varjot (2011)

This is a mandatory release, i don't need to say anything, this is just perfect, every track, you should donwload it, listen to it, and then buy it, and support this project, even if you don't like those musicians that are NS, you just gonna love it.

Band: Goatmoon
Disc: Varjot
Year: 2011
Country: Finland
Genre: Black Metal

domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

Marc Broude - Psychological Warfare (2006)

I don't usually listen to bands that use the name of the principal musician, i don't know why, it gives me a bad impression, but this guy wrote me to put this release on the blog, and i just listened to it, and i was very pleased actually, the first word i've to say is "Industrial" and then "Noise" and the next word i can picture is "Greatness" just because is those labels are good, but well let's start with the first song of this EP, yes, it only counts with 2 tracks of Industrial psychological warfare blasting right in your hears, the first track called "Psychological Warfare" is very VERY industrial, this is the definition, this actually doesn't have any sign of Black Metal in it, just industrial, the reason why i post this is because it worth it, it's pure noise/industrial destructive riffs and good (reminds me some bands like N.K.V.D or Atomtrakt), very good mixed, the noise deserves a good place between Black Metal fans, like many other genres far from Black Metal, this must be the evolution, the culture war (culture, knowledge).

The second track, good as well, the same riff over and over without being annoying (just if you love repetitive mindblowing hypnotizing martial noise industrial music, like me. Otherwise, you'll hate it) that's all, industrial computarized noises, a destructive voice, common in this genre, that's all, you can join, or you can perish, the choice is yours.

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

The master of the violin, along with Paganini and others, but this is just EPICNESS!!

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin - Compilation.

One of the best piano composers of all time, one of my favorites, and i highly recommend this compilation...

Evil - Raw Coldness [Compilation] (2008)

Band: Evil
Disc: Raw Coldness
Year: 2008
Country: Brazil
Genre: NSBM

Evil - Hammerstorm (2009)

I've heard some rumours, that they distanced from NS or extreme political ideologies, that they're not members of PF anymnore, who knows, maybe it's true, maybe not, what is a real fact is that they're awesome in the genre, yes is NSBM, this is a full length, not the best though but really good and powerful, also is good to emphasize the fact that they're brazilian, is good to know that the south american scene is still alive and loyal to the original beliefs, without being repetitive and annoying, like some bands i know...

Band: Evil
Disc: Hammerstorm
Year: 2009
Country: Brazil
Genre: NSBM

Ludwig Van Beethoven - 9th Symphony.

This is the complete symphopny of this great composer, he doesn't need any presentation, later i'll post the other 8 symphonies and other stuff...

miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

Deafest - Through Wood And Fog (2011)

This year has not ended yet folks, there's a lot of material that will be released and enjoyed, and this is a grateful surprise, this is an EP, and i really liked this, the three full lengths of this band are good, but it seems that the band has matured, this is less underground, but more melancholic and almost reaching the "depressive black metal" label, which is the case of the first track "Fog Rolls Down The Slopes" starting with a calm feeling and the sound of the night, followed by the slow drums, and then a guitar intro towards the outcome of the song, peaceful i would say, then it turns more into that Black Metal riff and feeling, fast and powerful, of course it changes, and then we can listen that depressive riff (in my opinion, this is what i would label as "depressive"), perfect song to give us the first impression of this release, the track lasts 6:22, is an average time for a song and its perfect that way, you'll be satisfied with this, i can assure that, this is what i expected from the band, this is what i was looking for actually, is hard to find good new bands, good releases as well, but when you find it, you feel totally pleased.

Let's move to the 2nd track called "Over The Ridge", and i must say is different, not in a bad way, i liked, all the song is just awesome, seriously, it start with a chill guitar and some drums, then the electric guitar starts with the same riff of the beginning, this is in my opinion the track that marks this EP as "awesome" and almost a masterpiece, although this has 3 tracks, this will not disappoint you, the only thing i didn't like of this EP, is that it only has 3 tracks and isn't more longer, because it should be, but every good thing in the world is short and last only a few moments, does that makes life a piece of shit? maybe.

And then we have the 3rd track, "Rock Spires Above The Trees" is the longest track of the EP, at first it sounds a little bit average and not so surprising, but then you can notice that this changes and becomes more surreal and melancholic, although this is the longest track of the EP, is not as solid as the other two, this is more calm in some parts and with the same riff, doesn't mean that is a bad track, no, it's still enjoyable.

In conclusion i would give this album a 85% for being very good, worth checking out and support the band as well!

Band: Deafest
Disc: Through Wood And Fog
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal (with atmospheric influences)

jueves, 4 de agosto de 2011

Niccolò Paganini - 24 Caprices

It was said during 1807 that this man was possessed by demonic energies, because of his fast, clean technique with the violin, and because he look possessed in the stage during his presentations, also he lived in a perpetual depression, and like many other artists he died because of syphilis, and later tuberculosis..

Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsodies

The Hungarian Rhapsodies are a classic work of Liszt, i highly recommend this material too.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Compilation

It's a compilation of some of his best works, i've more but this is a good example of his work.

Antonín Leopold Dvořák - Simphony nº 9

Awesome, recommended! 

Todesstoß - Jenseitslüge [DEMO] (2002)

Band: Todesstoß 
Disc: Jenseitslüge (demo)
Year: 2002
Country: Germany
Genre: Black Metal

Todesstoß - Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen (2005)

This is an EP, enjoy.

Band: Todesstoß
Disc: Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen
Year: 2005
Country: Gerrmany
Genre: Black Metal

miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

Todesstoß - Abwegnis 121 (2010)

This is the definition of surrealism made music, with that touch of neverending suffering and fear, where everything is shapeless, dark, full of real suffering, you can notice that just listening to the first track, this is a germanb band, and they have a lot of material released, active since 2000, madness lurks in every release of this band, that's how i can describe it, schizophrenia, that feeling, you're not alone, your end is near and this is your testament, this actually reminds me the feeling i have while listening to Blut Aus Nord, musically i just can say that this band has a very particular and original way to do this art, underground produiction but without being fuzzy and annoying, and that's just more atractive to the listener, the vocalist of the band is also an actor, isn't common in this genre but is quite curious, later i'll post more of this band.

Band: Todesstoß
Disc: Abwegnis 121
Year: 2010
Country: Germany
Genre: Black Metal

martes, 2 de agosto de 2011