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viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Asva - What You Don't Know Is Frontier (2008)

Without doubt, a fucking masterpiece in Drone, forget about the endless dark and gloomy track, the powerful amplifiers now are at the mercy of the spiritual ritualistic music, suddenly there's no such thing as the society, suddenly you're lost in an endless rainforest, your mind is reaching happiness, yes, happiness, abandon all hope, you're now a spirit, free, shapeless, boneless, now you're matter, you are the master of your own self, epic, melancholic and very very ritualistic, this is the pure definition of this release.. The members of this band are very experimented, hey have a lot experience in this genre, maybe that's why this sounds so fucking wonderful.

Don't start listening this release in order, you should always start with the track "A Game In Hell, Hard Work In Heaven", and if that single track doesn't changes your whole life, then you don't like drone, simple, but effective, then of course you can listen the whole release, in any order, the point is that i started in this genre with this release (and, of course, Black One of Sunn O))).), if i were a good reviewer, i would give to this a fucking 200/10, this is beyond labels and qualifications, this is Asva folks....

Band: Asva
Disc: What You Don't Know Is Frontier
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Genre: Drone/Doom Metal

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