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domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

Blutklinge - Call Of The Blackened Woods (2007) [EP]

Cold melodies that embrace your soul, the spirit of the melancholic forest in the sunset reminds me this band.. like any others bands of this sad black art. it's very good black metal, this is not a group. it's a one-men-project by H.K. another great artist, but you know, the best music is not commercial, is not known by the lost souls of god and christianity... is only for the best... the anti-human.

Band: Blutklinge
Disc: Call Of The Blackened Woods
Year: 2007
Country: Germany
Genre: Ambient/Black Metal


1 comentario:

  1. well, i feel the pure, pure of sadness and its beauty. The cold and sadness running throughout my body to say that i am released from this world