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jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

Deadly Carnage - Sentiero II: Ceneri (2011)

You see, i don't usually post news about a band or that kind of stuf, just because is not requested, but i should do it more often so the leechers can get the fuck off my blog, but this is an exception, and here we have a very good Italian Black/Doom Metal band, with members of bands like "..." (dot dot dot) which is totally awesome, because "..." is one of the best fucking bands that ever existed in the italian scene, and also the world, but lets talk about the album, is actually "modern" Black Metal, but don't misunderstand, as i said before that doesn't mean that this band is bad, not all modern black metal bands are trendy betrayers, that's a common mistake, this band incorporates doom metal and actually fits very well with the whole band, lyrically, original lyrics and that's another good point for the band, is not the same satanic themes, and if a band use philosophy in the lyrics well that's not common and it should be more used, musically, all instruments are well incorporated and synchronized, i actually have no complain about this band, and that's obvious if you realize that some members of the band have experience in the field of black metal, sometimes reminds me All The Cold, or EA.. i'm not talking about a demo, no, this is the second full length of the band, also they have an EP and a Demo, but i recommend you a lot this band, deserves your attention! The album will be released in September of this year in ATMF an italian label (Click HERE to see). 

Band: Deadly Carnage
Disc: Sentiero II: Ceneri
Year: Will be released in September of this year
Country: Italy
Genre: Black/Doom Metal (one of the best in this genre, in my opinion)

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