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lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

Marches Of National Socialist Germany

Most of nowadays neo nazis don't really know what this beautiful music is, and that is actually hilarious, i only post this to share the marches and the songs that were played during the Third Reich, personally, i like marches and martial music, also i do love the Classic composers, and this is kinda a mix between martial and classical music, full of nationalism and pride, is tryly a jewel, the file contains marches, hymns, and traditional songs (SS, Hitlerjugend Wehrmach etc etc..), as i said, if you're not NS, listen to this as an art, not as a political propaganda, music shouldn't be done with political purposes, that's bullshit, let the humans die drowned in their own fucking vomit.. Politics are the worse shit ever made. If there's a Skinhead over there seeing this, do yourself a favor, quick being an ass, study you ideology, and be productive to the future of the races (a good NS is not a selfish person, a good NS DOESN'T HATE other races, a good NS fight for the victory of the races against Judaism, against miscegenation, a good NS fight with ideas. Your enemies fight with violence, you don't.) but anyway, you're just another trend.

Download it:

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