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miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

Todesstoß - Abwegnis 121 (2010)

This is the definition of surrealism made music, with that touch of neverending suffering and fear, where everything is shapeless, dark, full of real suffering, you can notice that just listening to the first track, this is a germanb band, and they have a lot of material released, active since 2000, madness lurks in every release of this band, that's how i can describe it, schizophrenia, that feeling, you're not alone, your end is near and this is your testament, this actually reminds me the feeling i have while listening to Blut Aus Nord, musically i just can say that this band has a very particular and original way to do this art, underground produiction but without being fuzzy and annoying, and that's just more atractive to the listener, the vocalist of the band is also an actor, isn't common in this genre but is quite curious, later i'll post more of this band.

Band: Todesstoß
Disc: Abwegnis 121
Year: 2010
Country: Germany
Genre: Black Metal

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