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miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

Deafest - Through Wood And Fog (2011)

This year has not ended yet folks, there's a lot of material that will be released and enjoyed, and this is a grateful surprise, this is an EP, and i really liked this, the three full lengths of this band are good, but it seems that the band has matured, this is less underground, but more melancholic and almost reaching the "depressive black metal" label, which is the case of the first track "Fog Rolls Down The Slopes" starting with a calm feeling and the sound of the night, followed by the slow drums, and then a guitar intro towards the outcome of the song, peaceful i would say, then it turns more into that Black Metal riff and feeling, fast and powerful, of course it changes, and then we can listen that depressive riff (in my opinion, this is what i would label as "depressive"), perfect song to give us the first impression of this release, the track lasts 6:22, is an average time for a song and its perfect that way, you'll be satisfied with this, i can assure that, this is what i expected from the band, this is what i was looking for actually, is hard to find good new bands, good releases as well, but when you find it, you feel totally pleased.

Let's move to the 2nd track called "Over The Ridge", and i must say is different, not in a bad way, i liked, all the song is just awesome, seriously, it start with a chill guitar and some drums, then the electric guitar starts with the same riff of the beginning, this is in my opinion the track that marks this EP as "awesome" and almost a masterpiece, although this has 3 tracks, this will not disappoint you, the only thing i didn't like of this EP, is that it only has 3 tracks and isn't more longer, because it should be, but every good thing in the world is short and last only a few moments, does that makes life a piece of shit? maybe.

And then we have the 3rd track, "Rock Spires Above The Trees" is the longest track of the EP, at first it sounds a little bit average and not so surprising, but then you can notice that this changes and becomes more surreal and melancholic, although this is the longest track of the EP, is not as solid as the other two, this is more calm in some parts and with the same riff, doesn't mean that is a bad track, no, it's still enjoyable.

In conclusion i would give this album a 85% for being very good, worth checking out and support the band as well!

Band: Deafest
Disc: Through Wood And Fog
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal (with atmospheric influences)

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