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miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Forgotten Jewels!

    Ok, i know that you know there are some releases that will never be remembered, and i ask why in hell? fuck! the purpose of this post is to put the underrated albums and demos ever!


Darkthrone - Ravishing Grimness (1999)

Ok what's up with this disc?, totally forgotten!, why? tis is the grimmest release of the inner circle fuck! at least you hear this shit? this is my favorite album before panzerfaust, grim, black, evil, just true fucking black metal!

Download it! don't subestimate the forgotten releases!

Darkthrone - Soulside Journey (1991)

The first full-lenght of this crushing cult band! this actually is not black at all, this is kinda black/death metal, i would say it's the first release with that label! forget about transilvanian hunger and that stuff, you've to hear this release you will not regret at all!

Download it! it's fucking cult!

Darkthrone - Total Death (1996)

I think that this cover just don't fit with the band thematic but what the hell? this is more underground sound and not so great, but it's a forgotten jewel at all, enjoy this stuff!..

Download it now damn!!!

Darkthrone - Goatlord (1996)

This is the oddest, weirdest album i've ever heard!! with some women voices, just fucking eerie... i don't know where they find out that women singer, it's very grim too and the voices are very awesome, unique, i like it... enjoy!

Mayhem - Deathcrush (1987)

Ok now, i know that this has not been forgotten at all but, i don't know why is underrated by some people, the vocals sound very fucking different and it have the song "silvester anfang" what the hell is that intro? just odd, i love the weird music... damn... This is the first EP of this awesome band... when they were growing as an influential band, and the pioneers of the great black arts...


Burzum - Burzum (1992)

Let's move on and start whit the first full-lenght of burzum, this is the meaning of "underground" to me he is the pioneer in ambient/atmospheric black metal, also the pioneer of the depressive fucking black metal... it's just a genious! also he kill euronymous... and he enjoy the jail i think...


Burzum - Demo I (1991)

This have just Three songs, i just like a lot the cover of this release, it's so fucking underground, the sound of this demo tape is just awful, but that is just more impressive, this is pure hate... pure bleakness... gloom...

Download! It's An Order!

Burzum - Demo II (1991)

We are talking here about twelve new songs that would change the history of black metal, twelve pieces, a marterpiece! this is a fucking great demo! one of the best demos in life! and also in death as well.... you can't miss this jewel, filthy underground ambient black metal... the best!


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