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lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Reichsblood - 1020 (2008)

If you like fast fucking black metal and you are a Satanist who also are a Nationalist well this is your band, Reichsblood come from Russia and is a fast black metal with influences of Industrial or Ebm, the lyrics are aboout NS, no, not National Socialism, but National Satanism!(antitesis, because the NS is religious as shit, maybe Hitler liked some Pagan claims, but he was Catholic! yes motherfuckes!! [ if you don't believe me, then read books of NS doctrine, not just Mein kampf, bitches!]) YES! you have the right to say "WTF??" but well, what called my attention of this band was the cover of Absurd "Stahl Blitzt Kalt" (actually is a great cover) musically speaking is a very good band, and i recommend it very much...

Band: Reichsblood
Disc: 1020
Year: 2008
Country: Russia
Genre: Black Metal (industrial influenced)

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