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miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Hate Forest - Purity (2003)

And let me be clear about this band, Hate Forest is not a NSBM band you dickheads, what makes you think that is NSBM? the band Don't even have a fucking page, neither a MYSPACE page, so what makes you think that is NSBM? yeah maybe they are Ukrainian nationalist, but that doesn't make the band NSBM, what proof do you have? have you asked to the members?, i don't think so.. oh yes they have a track called "aryosophia", that's all?, you have to be kidding me, you have to read more then bitches, the aryosophia is a milenarian philosophy, dates from the ancient Sanskrit texts mainly, Hitler adopted this philosophy, and turned into a NS claim, and more important, the aryosophy was created by the Indian people, aryan means "noble", and not all aryans are white, and not all whites are aryans, also yes they believe in the philosophy made by nietzche, and that's great, but you have to know that nietzche was not NS, nietzche wasn`t even nationalist!, he believe in the cult of the self, the destruction of god so the human can evolve in the Übermensch, nihilism, and deny all claims of the weak sheeps, deny society and believe in yourself, nobody else matters, read and interpret! idiots...concluding, this is not NSBM, and you need to read more and stop believing the rumours and that shit.

Musically speaking this is the best release of the band, with no doubt, and i recommend it to you, those who think by themselves, not stealing other ideologies and distorting ideologies at your convenience, only to justify their pitiful existence, fucking humans.

Band: Hate Forest
Disc: Purity
Year: 2003
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Black Metal


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