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lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

Lebensessenz, an unknown genious.

Lebensessenz is a brazilian pianist, a genious i must say, he plays Neoclassical, but not average elevator music, no, is more ambient atmospheric melancholic depressive music, is like a fucking shoot in the heart, with a shotgun, he evokes all the sadness and traumas that we all have, is beautiful and very peaceful music, is very hard to find an artist like this, and i'm proud he is from my neighbor country, he deserves a lot of your attention, and our support of course, he currently has 10 albums, the first albums were more underground, and not so well produced (just fucking perfect, we all love that buzzy sound, don't we?) the last album is more well produced and not so dark, but still perfect, is kinda like the feelings that you have when you listen to alcest and burzum were mixed (yes, i know, you can't compare alcest with burzum and bla bla bla.. but that's the way i see it), but better, really i fucking recommend this music, and also support him!! music like this must live.

Lebensessenz - Wenn Der Wald Zum Traum Wird (2004)

Contains a piano cover of "Han Som Reiste" of Burzum

Der Abend Des Abschieds (2005)

Introspective Fragments I (2008)

Introspective Fragments II (2008)

Le Besoin Perpetuel (2006)

Das Drama Der Eisamkeit (2006)

Die Räuber (2007)

Tu, Deorum Hominumque Tyranne, Amor (2009)

Support, buy this great art!!!

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