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lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Cult of the self, Individualism,Respect... My thoughts about the movement...

I hate do this, really, but is necessary sadly, nobody cares about the future of this art, just they let it flow, thinking "well if it dies, so what...", you know this is my blog and if you don't like, well fuck you, this is not a fucking business, i know these years has come many guys and kids who want enter this world, i don't like just discriminate (i know some of that guys need to be discriminated), i don't like to put this shit easy for the future generations, but you've to know that is not enough just buying original stuff and wear black clothes, this is not about repeating the same speech of anti religion and hate, is about forging your own thoughts, your own ideology, defend it till death, show respect for the ancient, hate because you wanna hate, not just for trying fit in the scene, fight against the injustice, struggle, as tireless warriors who know that are struggling.  you can't just see it just as music, not "just another genre of metal" i'm talking seriously, i repeat this is NOT a fucking business were you buy all the stuff and "you love it" and "you are the fan number 1", i'm concerned about the future of this, but maybe this die as a movement, beacuse you know, humanity fuck everything that is pure... Why am i doing this? stop fucking up the scene you stupid possers, don't make a business, don't kill the spirit, i don't like this, but i have seen a lot of shit nowadays... you fucking trendies... shit.. i'm doing this, cuz i've seen many shit in these months, many trendies, many lies..And if you don't like this text, if you thik you're too true to read and reflect about this art then fuck off and die, the elitism of the genre must endure through the years, away from humanity and the comercial fucking world, the spirit of this art must be between the frozen forests of thought in the eternal silence of cosmic philosophy..

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