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lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

Necktarium - Dreamblur [DEMO] (2010)

The only member of this band (Abbas Wernahul) send me an e-mail asking me to put his demo in the blog, and i'm very impressed, this one-men-band comes from Pakistan and plays a very slow depressive shoegaze black metal, amazing, really i reccomend to all the people who likes this genre... Enjoy!, here's the full information of the band

Band: Necktarium
Album: Dreamblur
Year: 2010
Type: Demo
Genre(s): Ambient Black Metal/ Shoegaze
Lyrical theme(s): Dreams, Night
Label: Khrysanthoney + Valse Sinistre
Country: Pakistan

Size: 42.43MB
Band Website:

Download it! support this great artist damn!!!!!

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