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lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Vinterriket - Retrospektive (2006)

on one occasion I heard through a pseudo intellectual who dared not buy the original material of a band, well that person wasn't true then, but it's bullshit, i know i encourage you to buy orinigal stuff to support this supreme art, but that doesn't make you kinda true people, that doesn't exist, black metal is about respect, ideology, individualism, cult of the self, not one ideology that's just shit of the media and the people who are not noticed about this... i'm sorry.. vinterriket makes me trip in the confines of philosophy and cosmic thought...

Band: Vinterriket
Disc: Retrospektive
Year: 2006
Country: Germany
Genre: Ambient Black Metal

Download now here!, go buy it but feel the music, not just buy...

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