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lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Wolfnacht - Blut Und Ehre (2000)

I will start this by saying that i'm not nazi, i respect some claims of NS and i share some of them, but i'm totally against racism, beacuse that's the highest step of human stupidity, i hate mankind, no matter race or color, i've no ideology, i only shows respect to my heritage, my ancestors, and the power of the brave and almighty nature, i hate all kinds of religions as well... finally if you don't like this, FUCK OFF AND DIE!

About the NSBM, i only like a lot and i only have respect for three bands, Wolfnacht, Absurd and Nokturnal Mortum, And in this case, this is a pretty good demo tape of this hellenic NSBM band... enjoy..

Band: Wolfnacht
Disc: Blut Und Ehre
Year: 2000
Country: Greece
Genre: NSBM

Download it!!

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