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miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Insanidade Subterranea.

Sometimes, when the time goes by and you feel that the feelings and the real essence of the black arts and what does that means to a very few people starts to die, you actually start to be more pessimist about the dark and chaotic future this genre of music has, just because all the really good things in life all the pleasures end, tragic, isn't it? but there is some few people who do their best to keep the true arts alive, they will conquer and prevail, they will survive in the ashes of the real devastating depression and self-destruction of many of us.

I'd like to introduce you a new blog, the future of it? we never know, nothing in this state of mind and this highest step of the universal soul deserves to live a long life, this world doesn't deserve so much perfection, this mankind doesn¡t deserve knowledge!, but as i said before, we are few, but strong, and this needs to prevail like this way, maybe we are demons, maybe.

Ok as i said this is a new blog, is just starting right now, will be a partner of this blog, an alliance, i don't have to say too much, i'd like to introduce you, Insanidade Subterranea..

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