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lunes, 13 de junio de 2011


And once again i lie here, in front of this computer expressing existencial concerns maybe?, i do need to get back in my blog and post more art, but again and again (yes, i talk the same shit over and over, but in the end, this is my blog, and you don't know me.) i ask to myself so many things that have no answer by me. just like the NSBM (and don't misunderstand me again, i've nothing against the genre the bands or the music) but it's amazing how the world scene is just filling with this neonazi trolls that have no fucking clue of what NS and black metal is, and i've told them the truth, and i've been rejected by narrowminded motherfuckers, but i think is kinda my faith maybe?, i'm against skinhead bullshit and neonazi bitches and i'm politically correct? really? just because you hate the black people and brown skinned? what about the black metal is from the north, the nordic heritage and that?, all right, then you hear some "Satanic NSBM" and Satanic Warmaster?, and you just feel good when you realize that you're white, and then you can be in that club called "National Socialism" and then you and your friends buy a Doc Martens and military pants, then you get tatooed a swastika or the celtic cross, or just stay true in black metal and not skinhead, the stereotype black metalhead, long hair, white skin (obviously!), military pants and doc martens as well, a darkthrone/burzum/bathory (choose those 3 and you're almost a true satanic metalhead, in the concerts you'll be true and you'll be the envy of all! you're IN the black metal fashion in these next Winter! now put some black and white make up in your face and you're ready to slay goats and create mayhem everywhere!) t-shirt, put a bulldog face and you're done, also express love for your country and nationalism, if you wanna go further learn about politics, read some mein kampf and learn the 88 precepts and that bullshit, praise David Lane OF COURSE! but don't forget that he was a white supremacist, so you also have to hate all non white people, and asians. because ALL nonwhite people is bad and they invade your country to steal your job, to rape and to create anarchism. Hey remember you're a trve satanist mad man? well just ignore the fact that the nazis were catholic (yes, they used the runes for other terms, just like the hierarchies in the army, the SS and that stuff), what, hitler was Pagan? hahahahaha!!!!! but hey, seriously, if someone says that well you can always say that he in fact was pagan with absolutely no argument. But you hate Church! but you love Hitler! But you are a Misanthropik Nihilistik son of satan! But you love your race! you hate humanity but you love white aryan people! oh you are such a geniuos, you all trve black metalheads, just impress me with your intelligence, now if you're pissed off, you can always go to the streets with your friends, searching for an arab, an asian, a nigger, a mexican, or some of these people who ruin you so perfect white neighborhood, and hit them with some baseball bats, if they are alone, better! what is more funny that striking a person with your gang of 20 skin heads comrades? oh you're so brave... i applaud your courage!. Again, don't misunderstand me, i have nothing against politics, but i'm affraid that you don't know shit about real life. I hate all human beings no matter they race, i hate so much when you, pathetic neo nazi motherfuckers just want to label ALL black metal with "NS" because for you, almost anything have to do with NS, once i read on Youtube that Blut Aus Nord was NS, due to the name of the band... hahaha. Church is a fucking puppet, is a puppet of the Jews. The real enemy is Judaism, the real enemy is the humanity and their society, but you prefer to buy clothes, Doc Martens, you prefer to pay a tatoo of a swastika, or David Lane's cock, you prefer spending money for stupidity in stand of spend money for books? spending money for the bands you like? but then i'm the crazy one. you're Nihilistic but you believe in National Socialism? and also you think that Nietzsche was a nationalist and believed in a race? You hate comunism, you hate Karl Marx but have you read some of his books? (I have read some of them, maybe he's right on some ideas, but he's still a jew, don't trust in jews, never.) ignorance and stupidity is in every race of the world, (mostly in white people. and i'm white.).. Ok i'm tired of this shit, if you want to Troll go ahead, insult me, i don't care at all. But, if you want to be a real Wolf among the sheeps (quoting Avsky) READ! and THINK BY YOURSELVES!. nuff said.

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