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domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

Paysage D'hiver - Einsamkeit (2007)

This is a real dark and depressive ambient actually, is like vinterriket but more raw, and more black metal influenced (im not saying that vinterriket is bad, never!) in my personal opinion nothing is more complete and destructive than this sub genre of black metal, and dark ambient, to me, there's nothing in music (and believe me, i listen almost all kinds of music, not just black metal, that's stupid.) that beats this kind of art (and classical music, obviously) but there's nothing like this, is pure depression, made for a few people who really understand it, is magic.

Band: Paysage D'hiver
Disc: Einsamkeit (a demo, obviously)
Year: 2007
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Black Metal/Dark Ambient

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