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domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Astaroth & Svedhous - Split Album (2007)

Split between the depressibe black metal band and another band from South Korea, very good actually, i would say that the best part is the song of Svedhous "Taste That Mutilate Crowd's Ankles - Percolated" holy shit that's a good name for an awesome song, astaroth part is good but lack of originality, just in some parts, if you like a litlle bit average black metal well astaroth is your band, you know, kinda old school same riffs in some parts, but although, is a good band....

Band: Astaroth & Svedhous
Disc: Split Album
Year: 2007
Country: South Korea
Genre: Black Metal, Depressive/Black Metal

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