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miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Venezuelan Black Metal.

And here i lie, thinking about the deep feeling in this music, i'm just fucking bored of all, but that also makes me think in some shit, that doesn't matter, you maybe will be wondering about what is this flag, who created it? why does it looks like the Blutfahne? (yes, i like that coincidence, damn..), this was the war till death flag used by Simón Bolivar in the war against the Spanish Empire, with this banner he give freedom to 5 countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. And this was the flag of my country in 1813, represents the fighting spirit that lies in the soul of each son of my country (Venezuela, yes, i'm venezuelan.), but don't fool yourself, nationalism doesn't work in this countries, because we don't have identity, i'm son of this flag, and also my ancestos were european (you know, it's ironic, the descendant of europeans in my land are proud of their heritage, but in Spain the hate us, the south american, What an issue!) but that doesn't bothers me, it's normal, and it's sad to recognize but, the majority of the south american are brown, and that is enough to make people hate you in countries like Europe or USA. Controversial Issues, i like it, anyway, The Black Metal Scene in Venezuela, just doesn't exist, it's hard to recognize it, but the few bands that exist, do a very sucking black metal, horrible, because they just understand the stereotype of black metal, Untermenschen.. but at the same time it's understandable, we are another underdeveloped country in the world, who would take us seriously? i'm almost 100% sure that when yo think about Venezuela you think about Chavez or a tropical country with a lot brown skinned people (don't misunderstand, i don't have anything against brown skin... it's the same hatred to all races.. we're shit, basically), and we will never be recognized, that's just stupid.

But back in the theme, speaking of metal scene, we have a lot of dickheads possers everywere, people who think that cradle of filth or dimmu borgir are the greatest and evilest black metal bands in all world, and that shit (sorry if you're from this country, it's true.), but there is a band, that i think understand something that the rest of the people don't (Thank...God?, no i don't think so...), this is a one men band, "Raw Oath", almost perfect black metal in the uderground way, Noise/Black Metal Attack! finally true black art!!! and the demos are in some blogs like Finsternis1945 (truly, the best blog in the net) and Antichrist Neonazist, and i will put some demos today, just because i feel nationalist right now and i feel some pride i guess... Nah, we're nothing since the XVIII century...

Lets start with this split,I don't know what the fuck is Zebra Mu, i just know that this is a split between this two bands and Zebra Mu part is just Noise non-sense, nothing else, Raw Oath have some other sounds, just Eerie.

Year: 2008
Country: Venezuela
Genre: Noise/Black Metal


Demo 01 - The unknown First Tape

 Yes, the unknown first tape, two tracks, pure noise black shit!, if you like noise or drome music, this is your band...

 Demo 02 - Fuck You Raw Oath Is Real

  Well, yeah, fuck you!, this one of the best bands, and it's venezuelan... i don't have anything to say about the music, just awesome.

Raw Oath - Black Noise Suicide (Venezuelan Hell Noise Ritual)

Pure Black Noise Destruction!!

Raw Oath - March Of Death

It's curious, in the cover we have a rune, reminds me Ad Hominem or Satanic Warmaster... Pure Venezuelan True Black Metal!

Raw Oath - Apocalizum Orthodox Noizze

I just don't have too much to say, this project is like between Ad Hominem, Satanic Warmaster, 3, and other stuff, fucking great!

The tribute to a great band, Forest Poetry from the brother country, Brazil.

Demo 06 - SSatanic Kampf

This is my favorite release of this one men project, the best riffs, the best production the best tracks, evil!

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  1. Hi there. I happen to have lived 13 years in your country (1976-1989). Interesting flag... sure you're not making all it up? Can you post any links to any evidence of what you're saying? The reason I'm posting is that I recall very well all the importance given to Semeó Bolívar and all that nationalist shit all throughout my school and high-school years down there; but *no trace of the flag you posted*... even in the books of the library of the Militar Academy I read (I was granted permission to go there -in order to complete a high-school homework about Semeó Bolívar- by the dad of my my best friend, who was a high-ranking officer of the Venezuelan Army).

  2. Could you please reupload the discography?

  3. all the links are dead i need to download this shit now