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domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Zuriaake & Yn Gizarm - Split Album - Autumn of Sad Ode / Siming of Loulan (2005)

I've to say that is a pity to know that the chinese bn scene is unknown in some levels, it's a pity because the quality of the bands outperform another bands (and most famous and shitty), i'm always glad to support awesome bands of all countries, that's great because i can realize that the movement is big and the warriors are strong, worldwide!, in this case Zuriaake, a band that have been posted before and the one men band Yn Gizarm, a few people know it, but i've to say that will impress you, they need a chance, Enjoy!

Band: Zuriaake & Yn Gizarm
Disc: Autumn Of Sad Ode/ Siming Of Loulan
Year: 2005
Country: China
Genre: Black Metal

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