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martes, 19 de abril de 2011

Gestapo 666 - Gestapo Of Satan (2000)

Sometimes the trueness of a band is related to the rare demos and that stuff, sometimes the trueness lies in the filthy of their music, sometimes is related to the actions and the cult members that have been in it, i think this has all that trueness that we are looking for always, so fucking rare! (so rare, in my country if you find something like this, must be a bootleg and that piracy shit) to the people who think that in the third world countries we just download the music and not buy it, well that's Bullshit folks, is known that is very difficult to find original stuff of bands like this one, but we do what we can to purchase and support the world scene.. I would like to see if you have cult releases of american bands (not US...) available in Europe... Underground bands! i don't think so... but well, maybe you do who knows... i don't care though.

Band: Gestapo 666
Disc: Gestapo Of Satan (a demo..)
Year: 2000
Country: France
Genre: Black Metal

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