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lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Forest - As A Song In The Harvest Of Grief (1999)

This is one of those bands whose lyrics are totally contradictory i don't know why really, maybe i just don't understand it, but to me is just fucking stupid, one example, misanthropic songs, but then we have aryanism, and NS? i understand aryanism, but since when NS is related to misanthropy? have you read doctrine? have you interpreted mein kampf the way it must be interpreted? and other books? you really think that Hitler was a misanthrope? holy shit that's just hilarious, Hitler was one of the most smart and  beloved men in his epoch, do you really think that he wanted the destruction of humanity, or destruction of other races? that's bullshit, he really wanted the peace in the world, but he couldn't, bands and people like this, are those who are giving reason to the jewish media, saying that NS is the doctrine of evil and that bullshit, the skinheads and those fucking retarded people, are those who are destroying the National Socialism, but they don't get it, nobody does, that's because the NS is going to die, fucking retard people, pure sheeps.....

Band: Forest
Disc: As A Song In The Harvest Of Grief
Year: 1999
Country: Russia
Genre: Black Metal

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