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sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

Beastcraft - Pentagram Sacrifice (2004)

This is a journey through what i like to call, the awakening of the Übermensch, just forget about all your values and beliefs and you'll be superior, you'll have the infinite knowledge, is like when Odin sacrifices his eye to get infinite knowledge, and of course, power, this band inspires that, but in stand of talking about norse mithology we're talking about satanism, and give your soul to master satan, sounds tentative does it?, this is the first demo of the band, like all demos is just bad production, but this is better than that, they revive the flame of scandinavian black metal, something good, is quite strange that the norwegian scene is not as big as the other countries, but it's still there and will never die, All Hail Norsk Black Metal!!

Band: Beastcraft
Disc: Pentagram Sacrifice
Year: 2004
Country: Norway
Genre: Black Metal

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