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lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Ixtaukayotl - Bicentenario (2010)

When i heard this for the first time i was impressed, and really glad to see that finally one person in a thousand have the courage to say so many truths in one album, the all tracks are about reflexion of the new and fucked up system and having your own thoughts about the life, just like Nietzche did, very recommended, if you talk spanish, if not you'll not understand anything.

Band: Ixtaukayotl
Disc: Bicentenario
Year: 2010
Country: Mexico
Genre: Black Metal

4 comentarios:

  1. I'd long heard this band, these days it Ixtaukayotl no longer exists, according 29A (also from Holy Mary's Blowjob, That, oopart, Black Fog) your project was not well accepted in the black metal scene in Mexico. The "Bicentenario" this album reflects the concept of independence mexico and the sound itself is quite interesting but to be honest it need a little more detail in his lyrics, (I speak a little Spanish:)), I recommend you try with his old recordings or his other bands, personally I like the project oopart and Black Fog even though I have not heard.

    interesting post. thanks

  2. I have to search and learn about more mexican bands, my knowledge about that scene is very poor, i've heard oopart, and yes this band doesn't exist anymore, i think it's bullshit, this is a great idea, a great proposal!, is good to see that you talk some spanish, i don't know where you come from, but it's just lame and sad to know that we the latin americans are so fucking underrated, i hate that...

  3. I'm german, I've read many books in spanish. and of course I don't underestimate anyone from any where. I respect the american culture, Mexico, Chile, Brazil,etc. of course all need more experience even me. to learn perhaps will be the path to knowledge and when it happens that, the cosmos and the occult will open its doors to us.

    Excellent postings
    you have our support

  4. So you speak some spanish he? i'm learning german actually.. and i like what you're saying, is true, and it's sad to see how brilliant people is underestimated just for being latin american (and if the person is brown, it's even worse.. just stupid), and i fight for that and so many other things, people like SaturnO))) (from axis of cosmos), people like him are the best examples of what a genious is, and we are a few iluminated, a few Übermensch... but i think that's the way it should be, we need to be few...

    Thanks for the support! We need to be united and strong!