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martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Dub Buk - Idu Na Wy! (2002)

I'm not going to argue about this band is NSBM or not, if the lyrics are about Anti-christianity and Paganism, then all is clear right? with an ex-member of Nokturnal Mortum, and this band also have played in the Kolovorot (also Hate Forest, and many of ther bands...) if you wanna to label this as NSBM ok, but to me this isn't NSBM, is Pagan Black Metal! Shit!, but this is a fucking awesome band, coming also from
Ukraine, i have to say that i'm a big fan of Ukranian Black Metal, it's just awesome and original in all sense... Remember, support the art, don't be a leecher, i don't need "thanks for the post" or that, i just need you to support and don't let the black arts die!

Band: Dub Buk
Disc: Idu Na Wy!
Year: 2002
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Pagan Black Metal


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