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domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Ruined - Haunted House (2008)

Well for the people who criticize teenagers in the black metal scene (including me), let me tell you that the person who created this awesome album, when he created it he had 14 YEARS OLD, and he writed the songs when he had 12 YEARS OLD!! yes, now you can say "WTF", you have the right to... but not misunderstand, i have to say that this boy is a genious and he has done a fucking great album, some years ago.. and another tip, the lyrics are about Nature, Depression, Sorrow, and... again, WTF? Anti-War themes!!! Holy Shit! but no, this is not a White Metal band, he's just against war, have more ambient atmospheric parts that black metal in general bu it0s awesome!! seriously i recommend this!.

Band: Ruined
Disc: Haunted House
Year: 2008
Country: South Korea
Genre: Depressive/Black Metal

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