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lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Ixtaukayotl - Mictlán (2010)

Mexican black metal has been always underrated in the scene (international speaking) maybe they just don't like them, maybe is the same problem we all south americans have, but i kinda understand why. Speaking about this band, is a great band, and have originality over all, is the member of OOpart, which is also a great band too, the lyrics of this particular one men band are about nationalism and "mexican pride", i know some of you europeans and americans will laugh or something, it's normal, you're humans, but requires great courage to be proud of your country, especially if that country has been demonized by the world media. I respect a lot this band because of that, pride has been always reserved for USA and Europe. I recommend this a lot!!

Band: Ixtaukayotl
Disc: Mictlán
Year: 2010
Country: Mexico
Genre: Black Metal

4 comentarios:

  1. Not bad but it does not stand truly for what Mexican black metal is in reality, its lack of quality on musical terms is something that drags down this release, also if you want to truly know about Mexican Black Metal you should listen to other bands such as Funereal Moon, Xibalba, Avzhia, Argentum, Moon Lighting Hell, Hëll Bëll, Lupus Nocturnus, Infernal Hate, Naastrand, Forest of Doom, From the Sunset Forest and Grief, Wolf, Tlacaelel, Saman, Fullmoon Dweller, Dead, Cantenebra, Black Torment and 78424325 (Siucidal) that are bands that truly stand for the Mexican Black Metal scene and that have both musical and lirical quality (not saying that Ixtaukayotl is bad in this last term) and some of the actually stand for Mexican pride for far more years than this guy (also I think that all his realeses are just digital downloads so it kind of shows is little commitment to the scene he so belives to defend ¬¬), try listening to this bands and you´ll know what Mexican Black Metal is about, and also one last thing, you said here that México is in south america, thats a mistake people from the US commits really often as México is on NORTH AMERICA.

  2. I've not said that mexico is in soth america, maybe i should have said that is the problem with all the latin americans, i know mexico is in north america, and well thanks for the bands, i know you're from Axis Of Cosmos (aren't you?) i will search about that bands, maybe i change my mind about some subjects.

  3. Perdon, lo que pasa es que por la redacción (o por la forma en que yo lei) me dio la impresión de que decias que México esta en el cono sur, y pues si soy el administrador de axis of cosmos, te recomiendo que busques esas bandas que te recomiendo, este tipo de Ixtaukayotl, no e smalo, pero honestamente en esta banda no expone lo mejor que puede hacer, su trabajo en OOpart es completamente diferente, te invito a que busques algunas de las bandas que te mencione en mi blog, ahi tengo a la mayoria, y dime si te agradan o si hay alguna otra que te interese tal vez te la pueda ocnseguir.

  4. no tienes porque disculparte, es verdad he redactado mal mi observacion, buscaré las bandas que me recomiendas, sucede que me ha sorprendido este tipo, es discos como "Bicentenario" dice muchas realidades que también vive mi pais, es bueno que haya gente que se de cuenta de aquello, muchas gracias!